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  • Eileen Pagan (Executive Assistant)

    My experience with the stylists at Lorraine’s House of Style was wonderful. My stylist,Leana, did exactly what I asked of her.  The whole atmosphere of the salon is professional and welcoming. My hair has never looked better. My stylist took her time and it shows!! Highly recommend Lorraine’s House of Styles!

  • Frank Martinez (DJ-Total Entertainment)

    Leana is a master at her craft and I would trust no one else to cut my hair. She is friendly and has top notch customer service. I have gone to many barbers before and was never so satisfied with my haircut!

  • Angela Edison (Montclair State University Student)

    Leana has been doing my hair for the past 3 years. She is very friendly, and always takes the time to give you exactly what you asked for. You will always leave feeling taken care of and satisfied with a fresh new look.

  • Kim Willis (Vice President-Corporate Process Improvement JPMorgan Chase)

    I have been a client of LHS for almost 3 years. I was previously living in Manhattan and getting my hair done in Brooklyn. Once I moved to Jersey City I was tired of traveling to Brooklyn and began looking for a stylist in the JC/Hoboken area. I found LHS by reading online reviews. The reviews were so great that I decided to schedule a consultation with Julia. I have been wearing hair extensions for many years and am very selective when it comes to finding a stylist that I will trust. Julia was very experienced and knowledgeable about hair extensions. After my first appointment my hair looked FABULOUS and I was extremely happy with her work. I have been a client since. My days of traveling to Brooklyn and waiting one – two hours before anyone begins to work on my hair are over! I never have to wait longer than 15 minutes at LHS. The atmosphere is professional and the entire team at LHS is dedicated to ensuring an awesome customer experience. I highly recommend Julia and LHS!

  • Leticia Anderson (Makeup Artist)

    Nidiyah is one of the most talented and passionate hair stylists I that I know. Her work is fantastic and she’s incredibly professional. I am very particular about my hair but she manages to surpass my expectations every time

  • Sue Dempsey (Account Specialist, L’Oreal USA)

    It has been my experience that Nidiyah’s professionalism and hair care skills have been both incredible and refreshing.  Nidiyah has cut, styled, colored, highlighted, and even did an amazing Keratin hair straightening treatment to my hair.  She is one of the best stylist’s that I have ever had work on my hair and I have always been very happy and very much satisfied with everything she has done.   It’s not easy to find a stylist that can look at not only your hair and face but you as a person and know just what to do to make you shine.  I believe Nidiyah has found her true passion and the gift she has for doing what she loves that comes so  easily and naturally.

  • Kiana Curry (PharmD, RPh)

    Nidiyah exemplifies professionalism and talent.  She is able to translate your visions along with her expertise into beautiful hairstyles. Her passion for the craft of hairstyling and dedication to remaining current in the latest techniques and products is evident in her work.  I have had relaxers, cuts, extensions, and colorings all performed by Nidiyah and have been overly satisfied every time.  I intend to remain a faithful client!

  • Tiffany Calloway (AIA Fashion Student)

    2 years ago I moved away to another state. Prior to moving Nidiyah had been doing my hair for 4 years. Although there were a lot of beauticians where I moved to, I travel home just so that she can do my hair. Nidiyah has more than just the ability to do great hair, she also takes the time to get to know her customers wants and needs. She takes her time and makes sure that you leave satisfied. She provides great customer service and is a wonderful beautician all around. I would recommend her to anyone.

  • Renee Russell (Executive Director, Service Model Transformation, Avon Products)

    I have been coming to the salon for over 5 years and I have seen great progress in the operation of the shop in terms of the accuracy of scheduling appointments and getting clients hair done in a timely manner.  Given my busy schedule, I really appreciate being able to get in and out quickly and still look fabulous.  However, I remain at the salon because I feel like I can ask questions and that the stylists are willing to listen and give good advice (not just push product).  I also truly appreciate the accuracy of the cuts, which  are the core to any good style!

  • Jackie Jones (Account Speciality, L’Oreal USA)

    Nidiyah was able to help me find my perfect cut and achieve the perfect level of color with ease. I feel so incredibly confident and comfortable when she does my hair because her passion and pride is obvious in everything she does.  With such raw natural talent, she will soar in the Hair and Make Up industry.

  • Monica Lee (Hair Stylist, Seven Salon)

    Nidiyah has the ability to foresee a hair design before its even created. She has an amazing eye, and she determines what styles fit best considering face shape hair texture and personal style. Nidiyah uses her expertise and combines it with your needs. She rocks!

  • Melanie Jimenez (Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams)

    Nidiyah is one of those fun, sassy hairdressers that leaves you with not only a fierce haircut and color, she leaves you looking forward to the next time you will catch up with a friend.  Her passion for her job is unparallel and it shows when you leave her chair feeling like a million bucks!  The industry is lucky to have such an inspiring professional in Nidiyah.

  • Elizabeth Gwaisdowski (Credit Analyst, L’Oreal USA)

    Nidiyah has been doing my hair for about a year, color and cut, and I am always happy with the results.  She is super talented, and I won’t let anyone else touch my hair.  She knows what will look good on me, even of I don’t. So happy we found each other!

  • Pilar McCullon (Senior Customer Care Rep)

    I don’t want anyone else to do my hair! My hair has grown and is very healthy because of Nidiyah, but nothing was better when she put a weave in my hair for the first time. I loved it! Thanks Nidiyah!

  • Tania Kennedy (Assistant Director of Championships, MAAC)

    Nidiyah has been doing my hair forever! I am so grateful to have a stylist who knows just what’s right for me.

  • Cindy Kennedy (Physicians Compliance Auditor UMDNJ)

    I have watched Nidiyah grow into a creative and talented hairstylist whose passion for the industry has increased over the years.

  • Allie Harlow (Sales Associate)

    I recently moved to the area from Indiana. I was looking for a new hair stylist and everyone knows it’s not always easy to find a stylist who listens to your needs and wants. I was referred to Gina by the owner, Lorraine Williams. Gina welcomed me into the salon and knew exactly what I was looking to do with my hair. She gave me useful and helpful suggestions on how to manage my thick hair and great tips on blow drying and how to get that  extra volume every girl wants. Gina forms relationships with her clients to keep them coming back. I am lucky to have found her!

  • Tori Sopelsa (Sales Coordinator at Park Ave BMW in Paramus)

    I am a full time student and sales coordinator at Park Ave BMW in Paramus, NJ. Gina has been doing my hair for several years now and I couldn’t be happier. She puts me at ease and does a fantastic job, even when doing drastic changes like going from jet black to a beautiful natural blonde. I love getting my hair done at Lorraine’s House Of Styles because of the down to earth, yet professional atmosphere. The LHS staff has a way of making you feel at ease, no matter how drastic your hair may change. I’ve even had extension services done by Lorraine and Julia. These girls are amazing at what they do! I love the whole staff and am honored to be a VIP client!

  • Briana Felter (Nursing Student)

    I am a nursing student finishing my final year of college. I have been a client of Gina Cannarozzi for many years and for over a year at Lorraine’s House of Styles. As a young woman, feeling confident is something very important to me and Gina helps me achieve this everyday.S he is someone who is continuously filled with energy and her talent is something to admire. Not only does she make your visit special but the LHS staff works together to make sure you achieve the look you want. The salon is always a warm and inviting atmosphere filled with zest. As a client of Gina, I have never left the salon disappointed and she makes your experience at LHS something to treasure.

  • Nancy Vitale

    I have been a loyal client of Gina for over a year now. I am extremely pleased to be a client at Lorraine’s House of Styles because of Lorraine Williams, the owner, and my hairstylist, Gina Cannarozzi. Gina always makes me look my best whether she is coloring or cutting my hair or performing my eyelash extensions. Gina is up-to-date on the latest cuts and styles and when I leave the Salon I am flooded with compliments. I’m thrilled to have found such an outstanding stylist and love going to my appointments. Gina is definitely a keeper and if you are looking for a quick pick me up, look no further than Lorraine’s House of Styles.

  • Chris Occhipinti (Web Developer for

    After having gone to a salon in North Jersey and then looking for a place in Hoboken once I moved there, Lorraine’s House of Styles greatly exceeded my expectations. I’m always greeted by the staff upon entering with warm smiles and pleasantries. Gina does a fabulous job cutting my hair and recommending products that work best with my type of hair. I would highly recommend this salon to any guy looking for a stylish and sharp haircut.

  • Sirena (Digital Associated Director)

    I am African-American so for me it is hard to find a good stylist that is not too expensive but knows what they are doing.  I have natural hair (meaning no chemical treatments) so I need a stylist that knows good hair health and how to flat iron! Believe me that is HARD to find!  Lorraine’s is the best! Julia specifically! The shop is very pleasant and always has good deals going on.  Also, they mainly sell and use Redken products.  All around awesome!!!  Let’s just say, I am a regular 🙂

  • Natalie Mendez (Associate Budget Manager/OMD Advertising Agency)

    LHS is an amazing salon, with such talented and friendly staff. When I first moved to NJ I would always take the trip to NY to get my hair done, until I was introduced to Lorraine. Monly regret is not meeting her sooner. Lorraine’s personality is very inviting so I decided to give the salon a try. I was extremely pleased with the result. Lorraine does not only cut and style my hair to perfection every time, she also treats my hair in order to prevent damage. I am very happy to be Lorraine’s client. I would recommend LHS to anyone

  • Janine Grayson (Emergency Medicine Physician)

    I have been going to Lorraine House of styles since I moved to New Jersey in 2005, and I have been receiving fabulous service ever since. Although I moved from hoboken 3 years ago, I still come back weekly to get my hair done. The ladies are great and make u feel like u are part of the family.

  • Gayle Taylor (Trade Show Consultant/Pastor’s Wife)

    I LOVE Lorraine’s House of Styles!! I’ve been a client of the proprietor (Lorraine) for about 5 years. I am STILL impressed with the level of professionalism and skill that Lorraine and her staff have. As a Pastor’s wife, I take serious thought to my overall look, but in particular my hair. LHS are trendsetters. Their precision cutting, coloring and hairstyling should be classified as 5 star. Furthermore, LHS has learned the art of creating the RIGHT environment for its clients. I always walk in receiving a warm welcome from everyone. The staff takes time to assess the mood of every client. In other words, they know when chatting is agreeable or quietness preferred. I love it! LHS is a place of style and distinction. It’s an experience that is never regrettable. Hope you get there!!!!

  • Denise (Rivera) Diugozima (Executive Marketing Director)

    Lorraine’s House of Style’s is a great salon!  For over 6 years, I have been getting my hair done at LHS. The reasons I love going to the salon is because my color always looks flawless, my blow-drys always come out silky smooth, and the whole staff gives you the five star treatment. LHS is a hip and modern salon with an excellent staff that knows all the tricks of the trade to make your hair always look healthy, full and luminous.

  • Ilyan Nuñez (College and Career Services, Newark Collegiate Academy)

    Lorraine’s House of Style is not only a shop filled with talented and professional women who will make you look absolutely amazing every time – it is also an intimate space where the staff takes the time to truly get to know you and make you feel at home. The shop exudes positive vibes and lends itself to be a great social venue where one is inspired to meet new people and engage in interesting conversation.I’ve been a faithful customer for over 10 years and visit the shop biweekly. Not once have I left the shop dissatisfied with any service. I’ve trusted Lorraine to make drastic changes to my look and I have absolutely loved what she has done each time. I am frequently asked where I get my hair done as people are always impressed by my hair color or hair cut.I completely trust Lorraine because she ensures that she and her team are continuously mastering their craft by getting certified in the latest services. They give optimal and honest advice to their customers and do everything necessary to ensure that they leave completely satisfied. They even host periodic social events where their customers are taught how to apply make up or style their own hair. I recommend Lorraine’s House of Style with absolutely no reservation. I love the team and I am confident that you will, too.

  • Maddalena Castano of Cake Boss

    I love the way Lorraine cuts and styles my hair. No one can compare to her when it comes to my hair and make-up. She never lets me down ever. If you haven’t gone to Lorraine’s House of Styles you should! Let Lorraine get into your hair! You will love her!

  • Mary of Cake Boss

    I have been going to Lorraine for over 5 years now and I have to say Lorraine and her staff exceeded my expectations. They are all extremely professional, from when you first step in the salon and are greeted by the front desk, all the way down to the rest of the team. These ladies care about how you look and feel. Lorraine has gone above and beyond for me and my family. She has always made herself available anytime we’ve needed her, and her work is beautiful. I would never let anyone else do my color or blow-out my hair. They are the best at what they do.

  • Julie Foster (Global Major Accounts Customer Administration Ricoh Americas Corp.)

    I have been a customer of Lorraine’s House of Style for years.  Lorraine has done three generations of hair in my family including myself, my daughter, and my mother. We truly love the way we are taken care of.  Every time I feel like I just want to shave my hair off, disgusted, tired of the breakage, or embarrassed for anyone to see my hair, Lorraine always comes to my rescue.  I walk in through the door looking horrible with my head down; I walk out looking beautiful, stunningly gorgeous with a shiny new hair cut that I love!!!  It just absolutely changes my appearance to DIVA!!  Lorraine has never, ever let me down when it comes to hair care, and the perfect hair cut for my hectic schedule.  Lorraine’s House of Style gives me the confidence I need when dealing with my clients. HOW? Because I know I am working the hair style. Many times my clients have asked me where do I go to get my hair done, and of course I say nothing less than the best!

  • Jessica Hart

    Gina has been doing my hair for a little over 2 years now. When I came into Lorraine’s a few months ago telling her I was looking for a change in my style, she knew exactly what to do. As nervous as I was to cut off 6 inches of my hair, I knew that I could trust Gina to do a good job. A cute hair style is one of the most important accessories a woman can have and I would trust that decision with anyone at Lorraine’s House of Styles. One of the best attributes of the stylists at Lorraine’s is that they are always striving to learn more and better themselves in their business. It is obvious to their clients that they are committed to supplying them with the latest trends while making them feel comfortable with change.

  • Stan Dlugozima (Senior Recruiting Executive)

    I have been a very happy client of Lorraine’s for the last 5 years. As a guy, I want to get a great haircut and I want it to look good. She asks what I want to get done and what also might also look good too. Her expertise is exponentially better than what I was used to at other places, where  I was a “Number 4”, or getting the “regular”. The staff at Lorraine’s is great and I know I will always get a fast, excellent haircut and always look my best.

  • Michelle Minott

    I’ve been a loyal client of Lorraine’s House of Style since 2006. I keep coming back because of Lorraine’s (and her team’s) dedication to great hair care and her ability address new hair and beauty trends.  As a clothing designer in NYC’s competitive fashion industry, it is important that my look reflects not only my personal style but look up to date.  I love that the stylists at LHS stay abreast of current hair and beauty trends through constant education and research.  In LHS’ hands I am able to achieve whatever new look I wish to try.

  • Kim Taylor

    It is always a pleasure to go to a business that provides excellent service with a smile. I look forward to my hair appointments. Words cannot express how happy I feel when I leave the salon looking and feeling great! The staff is so professional and sweet! If you are looking for a drama free hair salon that does great work…look no further than this place!!

  • Marcia Clark

    Lorraine’s House of Style is the only place I trust to do my hair. Lorraine’s expertise and professionalism has made me a loyal customer, the staff are very well trained friendly and courteous.