Change your hair’s texture with our smoothing, waving and straightening services.

Whatever texture you desire, we can create it. Lorraine’s House Of Styles Texture Services are performed with the understanding that healthy, shiny, manageable hair is always the goal. Our personalized hair analysis will help you choose the best treatment for you.

Keratin Smoothing

Permanently transform even damaged hair into frizz-free, sleek, silky hair that’s incredibly manageable, regardless of humidity. You’ll save time on daily styling and finally experience healthy-looking, glossy hair that’s free from the mechanical stress of daily blow-outs.


Reduce frizz and bulk or eliminate natural curl by degree. We can give you the exact amount of body and texture you want. Of course, you can go completely straight if you like. Either way, your hair is left soft, bouncy and bodified.


Limp, lifeless hair takes on volume, body or wave with our specialized texturizing treatments. Our texture experts can create everything from root lift to deep, undulating wave or full-blown curl.

Brazilian Blow-out

This semi-permanent smoothing treatment eliminates frizz, leaving hair shiny, manageable and healthy looking for up to 10 weeks. It infuses hair with amino acids while it smoothes and protects the cuticle, but it does not change the hair’s structure. You can even get hair color the same day, before the treatment.


*You can have the texture you always wanted and healthy-looking hair, too. For a personalized consultation and a customized solution, call (201) 217-3136