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Thicker, Longer Eyelashes With Eyelash Extensions

January 26, 2013

eyelashextensionshobokenDo we want them thin, short and barely noticeable?? NO!! We want them thick, long and luscious!!!  Ok calm down for just a second…we’re talking about eyelashes!!!

Yes it seems that the age-old saying ‘size doesn’t matter’ just doesn’t ring true when it comes to our eyelashes.  We’ve been drooling over the gorgeous lashes we’ve seen on the red carpets on our favorite celebs like Adele, dare we say Snooki, and yes, Kim K.  There’s something about those long, full lashes that just brings a flawless makeup application full circle.  They’re the hottest fashion accessory in Hollywood and now you can have them too, thanks to your girls at Lorraine’s House of Styles.

Eyelash Extensions By Xtreme Lashes®

eyelash-extensions-hobokenOur lash specialists are certified by Xtreme Lashes® and will custom design a lash style for you.  Whether you need a full set of lashes to add length and volume or just a partial set to add a sexy flare at the outer corners of your eyes, our lash specialists can create the look that’s right for you.

We can mix lashes of different length, thickness and curl in hundreds of combinations, so your extensions will be personalized to accentuate your face, features and style! (We offer unique lash options to customize your look, our lashes offer 2 degrees of curl, 3 different thicknesses, and 8 different lengths)

Lash Crystals

Want a super sexy, super funky look for a special evening?  Our lash crystals provide just that.  Meticulously placed at the lash line, these crystals pump up the drama around your eyes and command attention from anyone in the room.

There’s no need to settle for short and thin lashes. Size DOES matter! Check out our website for more information about our eyelash extension services.


Blue Eyeshadow- The Dos and Donts

January 18, 2013

Celebrities like January Jones, Nicole Kidman and Nicole Ritchie were quick to emulate the Spring 2013 blue eyeshadow trend from the NYFW runways — but not everyone got it right.  Wearing blue eyeshadow takes a bit of finesse, color know-how and application expertise.  If you don’t combine the right shading of blue colors, you can end up looking like a flashback to the 1980’s.

The 2013 blue eyeshadow trend looks best on most as a blue, smokey eye.  Dark, smoldering blues look sultry blended at the upper and lower lash line with a platinum silver as the base color for the lid and brow bone.

We love the way January Jones blended a daring cobalt color around her eyes and intensified the look with black eyeliner.  Nicole Ritchie seemed to get it wrong with her choice of blue.  Instead of looking sexy and smoldering, her eyeshadow makes her look matronly and dated.

To get January’s look, try Younblood pressed eyeshadow in ‘Sapphire’ around the lash lines.  It’s a deep royal blue with a metallic sheen. Youngblood eyeshadow in ‘Platinum’ can be used to create a shimmering look for the base and brow bone.  For a brighter pop of color, you can also blend in a little ‘Azurite’ by Youngblood. This is a shimmery teal blue color. **Youngblood Cosmetics are available at Lorraine’s House of Styles.


Fuller, Thicker Eyebrows

January 15, 2013
How to get fuller eyebrows like Camilla Belle.

How to get fuller eyebrows like Camilla Belle.

Fuller eyebrows are a trend that is not going away. After decades of the skinny brow look, many of us are left with over-plucked brows that are slow to grow back. So now that our favorite celebs are sporting a thicker brow, many of our clients want to know how they can get the look too.

Fear not.  Even if your eyebrows are over plucked and slow to grow back, there is still hope for you.  First things first, put down the tweezer.  Let your eyebrows grow in as much as possible before having them professionally shaped.  Tinting your brows, even for darker brows, can help them look fuller. For a daily, temporary fix, use Youngblood eyebrow powder to fill in bald/sparse areas and add a little bit if fullness to the top of your brow.  Never add shadow underneath your brows. That can leave you looking like a clown.

For some hands on tips and tricks, stop in to Lorraine’s House of Styles.

Monday Color Specials

January 15, 2013

Our Monday cut and color special offers a single process hair color PLUS a cut for just $49.95 with selected stylists.  This is an amazing opportunity to have your hair styled and colored by an LHS stylist at a price that simply can not be beat.  Start the week off right..with a new look exclusive at Lorraine’s House of Styles.

Call to book: 201-217-3136

Clip In Bangs Like Kim Kardashian

January 14, 2013
Kim Kardashian wears clip-in bangs.

Kim Kardashian wears clip-in bangs.

Kim’s full fringe look was just a temporary thing as the reality start admitted on her Twitter account that the bangs are fake!  Clip-in bangs like Kim was wearing are a great way to experiment with new styles without the full commitment.  They look natural and come in an assortment of different colors and of course the gals at LHS can help match your clip in bangs to your hair color.

Here at LHS we sell the authentic Victoria’s Secret hair extensions. The exact hair used on the Victoria’s Secret models in photo shoots and on the runway.  It’s real, 100% human hair that can be cut, colored and styled just as your own. The clip-in bangs are just $35 and are ideal for anyone considering a fringe but not ready to commit.

Lorraine’s Son Signs with AIM Modeling Agency!

January 14, 2013

We are so proud of Lorraine’s son Jalen!  He was recently signed with AIM Modeling.  Here’s a photo of Lorraine cutting his hair in preparation for his meet and greet with the AIM team.  Can’t help but think that this fabulous haircut could have helped him get signed!


Braids, Braids, Braids! Busy braiding today!

January 14, 2013

We will be Hosting a Braiding Bootcamp soon!

 We’ll show you how to get all the hottest new braids done right!

Braid IMG_0475 IMG_0477
















January 14, 2013

Wedding bells will ring on December 31st!

The bride wanted something simple and classic, reminiscent of Grace Kelly. Hair by Lorraine, makeup by Brittany.

Bridal Airbrush Make-Up

Bridal Bun


Make-Up For Women Of Color

January 13, 2013

The Right Colors for Your Complexion


Decades ago, cosmetics were mostly aimed at a fair-skinned market, leaving African American women with few resources. The foundations and powders that were available at the time often left women with darker skin with an unattractive, ashy undertone. However, in recent years, the cosmetics market has exploded with products geared toward women of all shades, no matter how dark or light the skin.
Makeup that looks good on light skin may not complement dark skin well, and vice versa. Depending on your particular complexion, you might look great in Beyonce’s makeup colors or you might look better emulating Gabrielle Union.

Color Categories


The best way to get started with determining the type of skin tone you have is to see which of these three categories you fall into. Even with the number of shades, black skin can be broken into three main categories:


The darkest of African American skin tends to have a strong grey or reddish undertone. This skin color formula is best with makeup colors that are primary hues of red, mauve and magenta.



Most dark skin falls into the middle category with a medium color tone. The makeup shades most beneficial for these colors are shades with red and blue undertones.


Colored skin that falls into the light category are mostly yellow and olive shades. The best makeup colors follow an earthier palette.

Flattering Makeup Shades for Women of Color

Image 355

In addition to determining which of the three categories your skin falls into,

you can also try to determine whether you have warm or cool undertones.

— with Lorraine Williams



January 11, 2013

Whether you’re heading in for first-time color, or ready to try out a bold new fashion look, visiting a Redken Salon is always an opportunity for you to benefit from your stylist’s expertise. A consultation with Redken Artist, Lorraine Williams to discuss your ideas and inspirations, your hair’s needs, and your desired color result is a valuable conversation that can make the difference between haircolor that’s everyday and haircolor that’s extraordinary.


Each time you visit Lorraine’s House of Styles, your session will be customized just for you. Whether you’re looking for first-time color, trying a new look, or going for regular maintenance, your stylist will personalize your visit according to your unique needs.  With every haircolor service, your Lorraine will use advanced application techniques and combine custom color formulations to give you looks that aren’t available anywhere else.

Get Expert Advice

Did you know about all the education opportunities for stylists – even AFTER they completed beauty school? Redken stylists not only gain years of experience working behind the chair, but they also take Redken classes to advance their skills and knowledge of hair design and haircolor throughout their careers.

Develop a Relationship

Much like visiting the same doctor for your health, getting to know your Redken stylist can improve the health of your hair. Visit Lorraine’s House of Styles on a regular basis to allow your stylist to get to know you, your hair, and your style.

Pamper Yourself

Looking to get away? Take a break and head to Lorraine’s House of Styles. Our Redken Artist Lorraine Williams can provide professional treatments and the luxury experience you deserve.